Instant Video Academy Review

Instant Video Academy is an instruction product that teaches a more simplified system for video creation . While other courses focused on more technical ways of teaching video

Instant Video Academy | Instant Video Academy Review

Instant Video Academy : The Fastest Way to Mastering Video Creation

Instant Video Academy Review – Overview

  • Creator: Timothy D. Craggette
  • Product:Instant Video Academy 
  • Niche: Offline
  • Launch Day : 2013 -11 – 18
  • Launch Time : 02:00  AM EST
  • Price : $ 497
  • Bonus Page:Clicking here to receive immense bonus price over $3500
  • Website:

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What is Instant Video Academy ?

Instant Video Academy is an instruction product that teaches a more simplified system for video creation.

While other courses focused on more technical ways of teaching video, IVA is focused on the creative side of video creation while providing just enough technical knowledge. With over 100 quick videos, any customer can learn how make videos that increase there chances of more sale, better connections, and stronger authority.

This course is where I share my exact model for producing videos that effectively communicate on both visual and verbal levels. Inside the member’s area you’ll find over 100 videos that cover the entire process in great detail. I guide you step by step through each part in a way that helps you develop your skills in visual and verbal communication.

Once you gain access, you’ll learn about the 5 Star Process for Video Perfection that currently helps me create highly engaging videos that drive results for my clients, students, and me. After you learn all five parts of the process you’ll know how to create videos that have crystal clear messaging and encourage the viewers towards your desired action.

What is Instant Video Academy

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Feature Of  Instant Video Academy

I Personally Walk You Through the 5 Star Process for Video Perfection:

Part 1: Purpose

You’ll hear about five critical questions to answer before you even start writing a script. Answering these questions will help shape the foundation for how you will communicate your message to the world. This will save you from a lot of trial and error, and your messages will be highly focused now.

Part 2: Planning

You’ll learn how to plan out your video by translating information and ideas into a visual story. Planning out your video can give it a better flow and ensure that the messaging is everything it can be. I’ll also show you why scripting can save you tons of time, and how doing it right can make your messaging more effective.

Part 3: Pattern

This is where you’ll learn about honing your style and finding the methods of video production that work for you. We’ll go over different shots you can take, how to shoot anywhere, recording audio, and more. Learning your own pattern for creating videos gives you a lot more room to stand out among competitors by helping bring out your unique style through video.

Part 4: Production

You’ll learn about the how simple the technical side of creating videos can be. We’ll cover how to render into multiple formats, my tips regarding distributing your video, importing video and audio, and more. This will give you means of bypassing those frustrating stumbling blocks so you can spend more time and energy on creating more content.

Part 5: Pop

Once you get here you’re almost ready to post your next video. In the Pop section you’ll learn about adding sound effects, outros, call to actions, and more. Learning this gives you insight into which little elements you can play with to increase engagement and hold attention longer, which lets you amp up the effectiveness of each video without adding a ton of extra work.

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