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Kindle Review Exchange Review

Kindle Review Exchange is a membership site that takes all the stress away from getting reviews for your lists Kindle ebooks.

Kindle Review Exchange Review – Overview

  • Creator: Keith Mallinson
  • Product:Kindle Review Exchange
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing
  • Launch Day : 2015 –07 – 02
  • Launch Time :11:00 AM EDT
  • Price :$ 47 
  • Bonus Page:Clicking here to receive immense bonus price over $13000
  • Website :

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What is Kindle Review Exchange ?

The amount of Kindle books getting published just gets bigger and bigger with each passing day! The downside to that is there is a lot more competition for you to content with unless you have this secret weapon in your ansonal.
We already know to get your Kindle book to rank on Amazon is down to the amount of downloads and reviews you get from customers, here lies the problem. We can easerly get the downloads we need but getting those who have read our books to leave a review is another, until now.

With such a huge Kindle audience out there hungrily reading, reviews are a marketer’s best friend… ONLY if you can get them.

This is a one of unique review exchange co-op that will take the stress out of getting 10′s if not 100′s of verified reviews for all you books.

Here’s what this tool will do for you

  • Organise the process of getting hundreds of reviews for all your books.
  • Easy to download the books you want to review
  • Automatically verifies you have left your reviews before you can add your own book
  • Automatically follows up with other members to remind them to leave a review for your books.
  • A iPhone and Android app to send notifications of new books added to the system
  • And much, much more

Make sure you see the demo which shows you in detail exactly how the who review-co-op works in detail, you will be glad you did..

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